If the world ends this year, I will be fit first.
This is a healthy weight loss blog!
Please feel free to ask me anything, I love being there for you as I know you'd all be there for me, too. I'm here to love and support all of my followers, especially those on the same journey as I am!

HW: 220
SW: 195 (1/8/12)
CW: 187
UGW: 130

GW1: 190
GW2: 188
GW3: 184
GW4: 180 (Massage!)
GW5: 175 (Haircut!)

I'm 21 years old, a recent college grad with a degree in video production. I love animals, tattoos, and all forms of art. I have a thyroid disorder and a French cook for a father so I've always had weight problems. I don't hate my body honestly, but I know I could stand to lose a good amount of weight in order to be healthier, happier, and more confident. So this is me, going for it!

I will offer as much help and advice to my followers as I can, so feel free to ask me anything. ;D
A notification in my ask box makes my day.
omg that dress. ew.
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